Who are we?

The Battle Creek Area Mathematics and Science Center in Battle Creek, MI is proud to host two VEX Robotics high school competition teams: Teams 2581B and 2581P. Both began in 2011 and first competed in the 2011 VEX Robotics game, Gateway. Since then, both teams have consistently included between six and ten members ranging from freshmen to seniors. Team members take on the roles of programmers, engineers, drivers, physicists, and strategists, or a combination of the above. Any student attending the Math and Science Center can join, no robotics or engineering experience required. Want to know more? Go to our About page.

What do we do?

We plan, design, build, program, debug, test, and drive robots, then inspire others to do the same. We persist in making our robots into the best machines they can be, scoring effectively on the field, while documenting the progress of our robot through our engineering binder. We keep our minds open to new things and we are constantly learning more about engineering, computer science, design, communication, and teamwork. Club members form bonds with their robot, as well as with each other throughout the year.

The Teams

Team 2581B

  • Brendan Ripper*
  • Maycee McClure
  • Austin Ignatovich
  • Seth Wojcik
  • Oscar Huelsman
  • Blake Shellenberger
  • Jack Madden
  • Gonveet Singh

Team 2581P

  • Diana Dalski*
  • Lauren McIntyre
  • Noble Vater
  • Camilla Rorhus
  • Keaton Roach
  • Grace German
  • Yucheng Huo
  • Eve Hibbard
  • Scott Cline

Reserve Team

These are members who are officially part of the team but aren't assigned to either team. They tend to help both teams and are useful to either depending on necessity.

  • Jon Perry
  • Jon Sonneborn


These members are no longer active on the team, but occasionally visit and teach current members. Most of these students are currently pursuing bachelor’s degrees in various STEM fields.

  • Sean Cushman
  • Krista Davis
  • Sam Dlugoss
  • Justin Evankovich*
  • Alex Miller
  • Michel Momeyer
  • Sam Parker
  • Annelise Comai*
  • Kirsten Reid
  • Bryce Simmons
  • Zach Kutschke*
  • James George
  • Ian Mitchell*
  • Nick Muggio*
  • Jacob Pratt
  • Ethan Ruffing*
  • Alison Hamner
  • Stephen Fedele
  • Liam Bohl*
  • Ian Hines
  • Isaac Peterson
  • Spencer Collard
  • Derek Cheyne

* Held captain status for at least one year.

Our Work

Right now, we’re working on two robots to compete in the VEX In the Zone robotics challenge.


2581B 2017 Robot

We are currently using a double reverse four bar lift with a omni wheel and 4-inch wheel base. We're preparing for our next competition. Wish us luck!
Read more here.


2581P 2017 Robot

We are currently building a chain-based lift and linear slider mobile goal lift! We're preparing for our next competition. Wish us luck!
Read more here.