2581P – Toss Up

Team P’s robot this year was a powerful, efficient machine. The robot was driven by four 393 motors each driving one mecanum wheel, allowing for speed and mobility. The gear train was a 2:3 ratio sprocket and chain drive, allowing for even more speed. All of this was contained in the chassis of the robot and mounted so that the motors could easily be removed without having to tear the entire drive train system off the robot. The lifting system was a version of a 4-bar lift using a combination of motors mounted to a sixth bar and pneumatic pistons. The lifting motors combined with an impressive 1:25 gear ratio was enough to “twizzle” or twist the axles before actually lifting the arm. At the end of the arm was the intake system, comprised of two motors, a lightweight sprocket and chain system, eight intake wheels and about 4 feet of axle. This intake was capable of picking up two bucky balls at once and placing them into any goal. An attempt was made to expand the width of the robot during competition to allow the robot to pick-up the big balls as well, but friction between linear sliders quickly buried that idea.

The Robot

Photos from the Season

Working on the intake. Working on the intake. Working on the lift.