2581P – Skyrise

After multiple robot redesigns, Team P decided on a three stage elevator lift with a specialized pneumatic claw that could pick up a Skyrise piece, drop it into a cube, and place both on the Skyrise base. The wheelbase was adapted from the same base that Team P used last year, chosen for its versatility and stability.

The Robot

Base Prototype The lift is finally attached to the arm. Ready for Grandville! Switched to elevator chain lift after Grandville. On the field! Minor modifications after Webberville. On the field! The robot was changed significantly for the U.S Create National Tournament. We enlarged the base and added six motors to a double chain lift. We built a pneumatic claw that could drop a skyrise piece into a cube and pick up both at the same time.

Photos from the Season

“I have learned that I have a family at this club, that no matter what happens, what obstacles we face, we’re all here for each other...” -Diana Dalski, Class of 2018