2581B – Nothing But Net

Before the Grandville tournament, Team B's robot used a gate-style intake to pick up balls and a cam system to launch balls into the high goal. However, they found that the gate intake was not as effective as they had hoped, and redesigned their intake to a simpler conveyor belt and added a single flywheel launcher for lobbing balls into the high goal up close, finding that the cam was excellent for long range shooting.

Turbo motors were used for the single flywheel and the drive motors in order to be able to launch further and so that the robot will be able to move faster. The robot has a base the shape of a square, and the robot’s intake consists of two long axles with four sprockets evenly spaced apart on the front and middle of the robot. There is a bar to funnel the balls into the launcher while the intake continues to pull the balls vertically up to the launcher, using a chain and a plate. The launchers are placed at the back of the robot, the fly wheel on the right, and cam on the left, with both launchers aimed towards the front.

The Robot

The most unique feature of the robot before the Grandville tournament was the intake, designed to pick up four balls at once. Balls were raised by the sides of the intake and a separate conveyor belt dropped the balls into the launcher itself. The launcher used a rubber band powered cam to launch balls across the field. Side view of the robot in its final form before Worlds. Team B Robot View of the long range launcher, a punching mechanism driven by two cams An LCD screen was added to the back of the robot to display the speed of the mini launcher.

Photos from the Season

Working on an early prototype of the gate intake, lovingly nicknamed “Jaws”. Building the base. Fixing the cam launcher. Modifying the base after Grandville. Rebuilding the intake and base after Grandville.