General Tips

“Don't give up just because it's hard, sometimes the most complicated problem has a very simple solution.” -Diana Dalski, Class of 2018

“Always leave space to make axles turn freely.” -Liam Bohl, Class of 2016

“The best things in life are not easy. Robotics is the same. Don't quit because something goes wrong during competition. Take a deep breath and just keep going. Hard work is always rewarded in the end.” -Kirsten Reid, Class of 2016

“Don't cantaliever things. And have fun.” -Alex Miller, Class of 2015

“Know your teammates well. Everybody is good at something, everybody has a job they can do better than somebody. The key is knowing what that is and how you can fascilitate their doing of that job. And keep in mind, that not everybody is great in preparation, but some people are phenominal during competition. My point: there's always a "best person" for the job, learn when to listen to them.” -Ian Mitchell, Class of 2013

“Robotics at the Center is a spectacular learning opportunity, whether or not one intends on pursuing a career in engineering or robotics. Knowing how to efficiently work in a group setting is very important throughout life, so is problem solving which is the back bone of the program. I would advise all to embrace the challenges as opportunities, and to never shoulder the weight entirely. It is one thing to do things independently, another to do them solely so.” -Jacob Pratt, Class of 2013